How To Connect PS5 Controller To PS4 Console: Use Your DualSense With The PlayStation 4

The possibility exists! I’ll show you how to connect a PS5 controller to your PS4, with a bit of faff…

Looking for a way to connect your PS5 controller to your PS4 console? You’re covered!

Perhaps you are wondering whether you can use your DualSense with the PlayStation 4 if you’ve purchased a PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition.

If so, how do you connect your PS5 controller to your PS4? There is no doubt that the PS4 controller is compatible with the PS5. However, it is only compatible with PS4 games.

You might occasionally want to use your PS5 controller with your PS4. Find out how to connect your PS4 controller to your PS5 controller by reading on.

The PS5 controller is designed primarily for use with the PlayStation 5 console. However, it is compatible with the PS4 console, although certain features and functionalities may be limited. Despite these limitations, connecting the PS5 controller to a PS4 console can provide an enhanced gaming experience with its improved haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

How To Connect PS5 Controller To PS4

Is it possible to play games on your PS4 with your PS5 controller? Yes, but it’s a bit more complicated than you might have expected.

YouTuber Octorious reveals in the video below that a PC can be used as a middleman to connect your PS5 controller to a PS4. To play on your PS4 with a PS5 controller, follow these steps:

  • Install the PS Remote Play app on your PC or laptop first
  • Connect your PS4 console to your PC using the PS Remote Play app.
  • Connect your PS5 controller to your PC using a USB cable and launch the PS Remote Play software
  • As soon as the Remote Play app is up and running, you should be able to control your PS4 with your PS5 controller (which remains connected to your PC)

Wired Connection Method

One way to connect your PS5 controller to your PS4 console is through a wired connection using a USB cable. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Power off your PS4 console and make sure the PS5 controller is fully charged.
  2. Connect one end of the USB cable to the PS5 controller.
  3. Connect the other end of the USB cable to one of the available USB ports on your PS4 console.
  4. Power on your PS4 console.
  5. The PS4 console will automatically detect the PS5 controller, and you should be able to use it to navigate the system and play games.

Wireless Connection Method

Alternatively, you can connect the PS5 controller to the PS4 console wirelessly. Follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your PS4 console is powered off.
  2. On the PS5 controller, press and hold the “Create” button and the PlayStation button simultaneously until the light bar starts to flash.
  3. Go to the “Settings” menu on your PS4 console and select “Devices.”
  4. Choose “Bluetooth Devices” and then select “Add Device.”
  5. Your PS4 console will start searching for Bluetooth devices. When the “Wireless Controller” option appears, select it.
  6. The PS4 console will pair with the PS5 controller, and the light bar on the controller will stop flashing once the connection is established.

Pairing and Syncing the Controller

After connecting the PS5 controller to the PS4 console, you may need to pair and sync them to ensure optimal functionality. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Power on your PS4 console and the PS5 controller.
  2. On the PS5 controller, press the PlayStation button to turn it on.
  3. The PS4 console should recognize the controller and automatically assign it to the player profile you are using.
  4. If the controller is not assigned or you want to switch the assignment, press and hold the PlayStation button, go to the “Sound/Devices” menu, select “Controllers,” and then choose “Change the Controller Assignment.”

Troubleshooting Tips

If you encounter any issues while connecting your PS5 controller to the PS4 console, here are some troubleshooting tips to help you resolve them:

  1. Make sure your PS4 console and PS5 controller are both updated with the latest firmware versions.
  2. Check that the USB cable you are using for the wired connection is not damaged or faulty.
  3. Restart your PS4 console and try the connection process again.
  4. If the wireless connection fails, try turning off other Bluetooth devices in the vicinity to avoid interference.
  5. Reset the PS5 controller by using a small pin or paperclip to press the reset button on the back of the controller, then attempt the connection process again.

Benefits of Using a PS5 Controller on PS4

Although the PS5 controller is optimized for the PlayStation 5 console, using it on a PS4 console can still offer several benefits. These include:

  1. Enhanced haptic feedback and adaptive triggers for a more immersive gaming experience.
  2. Improved ergonomics and comfort during extended gaming sessions.
  3. Compatibility with certain PS4 games that support the enhanced features of the PS5 controller.
  4. Future-proofing your gaming setup if you plan to upgrade to a PS5 console in the future.

In conclusion, connecting a PS5 controller to a PS4 console allows you to enjoy its advanced features and enhanced gameplay experience. Whether you choose a wired or wireless connection method, following the steps outlined in this article will help you seamlessly connect and sync your PS5 controller with your PS4 console.

Should I Connect My PS5 controller To The PS4?

It’s probably okay to use the PS5 controller on the PS4 if the DualSense controller is your only choice, and you don’t have a DualShock or another PS4-compatible controller lying around.

On the other hand, using the PS5 controller on a PS4 won’t give you the next-generation experience. Its Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers would work as if you were playing a PS4 game on a PS5. Considering the DualSense is alleged to drift after approximately 417 hours, we recommend saving that time for PS5 games.

We wouldn’t recommend picking up a DualSense for now if you own a PS4 but not a PS5 and need a new controller.

Why isn’t there an easier way to use a PS5 controller on PS4?

Sony asked itself on its official FAQ page about the PS5 console, “Can I use the DualSense wireless controller with my PS4?”.

According to Sony, the DualSense wireless controller is not compatible with the PS4.

To control your PS4 with a PS5 controller, you must use the Remote Play app.

The PS5 controller can’t be plugged into a PS4 just yet, so it’s not easy to connect. DualSense Edge will be no different. We will inform you if that changes. Until then, we’ll have to make do with Remote Play!

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